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The French 75 Leave it to the French to create the most amazing sparkling wine ever.  Good Brut Champagne is delicious, dry, yeasty, and very refreshing when served chilled.  Combine it with gin and lemon juice, and you have a refreshing cocktail that drinks as well on a summer day as it does on winter night. Let me introduce you to the French 75.

Joliette casino airport australia Joliette casino airport australia The French 75 was originally created in 1915 in Paris. It’s name comes from the joke that the drink packed such a punch that it felt like being shelled with a French 75mm field gun, which amusingly enough (unless you were on the receiving end, of course) was also called a 75 Cocktail. The actual cocktail (as in the drink) was popularized in America at the Stork Club in New York City.  The original recipe called for cognac, but the modern version calls for gin. In this case, I use a premium gin, namely, Tanqueray TEN due to it’s citrus notes that work exceptionally well with the lemon. This is one libation that is easy to make, easy to drink, and easy to serve to just about anyone who likes sparkling wine.  It’s been my experience that even people who don’t like gin enjoy this drink due to its dry effervescence and lemon undertones. It’s a staple at our cocktail and dinner parties and requested by men and women alike. All in all, it’s a crowd pleaser.

The Recipe

  • 1 oz Tanqueray TEN gin
  • 1 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 oz simple syrup
  • 1 1/2 oz chilled Brut Champagne

gay matchmaking services in flint gay matchmaking services in flint Add everything but the Champagne into a shaker and add ice.  Shake and double-strain into a chilled coupe or champagne flute.  Top with the champagne and add a lemon twist.

The Aviation 75

pokerstars new customer offer gay dating free douglasville ga While I really enjoy the traditional version using a juniper-forward gin, I’ve lately been substituting Aviation American Gin.  Aviation is more floral and does not have the traditional juniper-forward gin profile, which takes the drink down another road entirely.  I started doing this for friends who are not fans of gin, and this version was just right for them.  We liked it so much that lately it’s become our standard version.

online bovada Rozdil’na self-denyingly kamloops gay hookup sites Add everything but the Champagne into a shaker and add ice.  Shake and double-strain into a chilled coupe or champagne flute.  Top with the champagne and add a lemon twist.

Alternatives to Champagne

In my opinion, Champagne is the perfect sparkling wine to use for this cocktail, but good Brut Champagne can get expensive. As a more affordable, everyday solution, a good Spanish Brut Cava works almost as well. Italian Prosecco and French Crémant are also good alternatives, but I’m partial to Cava in this case.

The Recap

Classic cocktails are the fun to make and serve, and this one is about as classic as they come.  The French 75 is perfect for warm summer evenings on the back patio with friends, or curling up next to the fireplace with your special someone. The gin and lemon add a great touch to the sparkling wine and make for a complex drink that almost any cocktail drinker will enjoy.

So grab the coupes or flutes, use your best French accent, and…


David isn't a professional mixologist, and he doesn't play one on TV. Instead, he enjoys making craft cocktails at home for friends and family.

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