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The Book

It all started with a book.  A book filled with chicken-scratch, deconstruction, and works-in-progress.

I like to make cocktails. My wife likes to cook (she used to cook professionally). We like to invite our friends over to enjoy both of our passions.  I started making cocktails in the late 1990’s after I acquired a taste for red wine and martini’s. At the time, I lived in California and fell in love with California’s wine regions. I quickly branched out to Europe’s old world wine culture (France and Spain primarily), and really got lost in the varieties of good wine the world has to offer. But my knowledge and palate for cocktails didn’t stray much from the basics: Whiskey/Bourbon/Scotch, Margaritas, and Gin martini’s.

I moved to Portland, Oregon in the mid 2000’s. Portland is a town where chefs, bartenders, and wine makers are almost celebrities, and there’s no shortage. So here I am, in the middle of a hedonistic renaissance of amazing food, liquor, and wine. Since I’m always picking up something new to fixate on, I decided to to start deconstructing and documenting the craft cocktails we were enjoying in this thriving scene. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some of the most amazing bartenders, and they’ve shared with me far more than I ever could have expected. That little book started to fill up with some of the best work from my friends at the bars and restaurants we frequent, as well as our own custom creations.

I’ve been sharing these recipes with my friends, and decided to put them online for all to play with, enjoy, and improve upon. If you find one worth sharing, please do so. We’re always up for new adventures in cocktails.





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